Using Hashtags to get Twitter Free Likes

News 04:05 May 2024:

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Twitter is a good platform to gain popularity through likes. The more likes your tweet gets the more trending it will get. This is normally the case if it also has a lot of retweets. One way to get a lot of free likes from followers is through use of hashtags. Hashtags help people find your tweet easily. All you need to do is quote a trending hashtag n your tweet. Anyone looking for tweets based on that hashtag will find your tweet and you will get likes especially if the person agrees with what you are saying.

It is best if the hashtags are controversial topics. A lot of people will want to voice their opinion of the hashtag and this will give more popularity. Eventually you will have many people voicing their comments and the hashtag will have a lot of attention. Once this is achieved you will end up with many free likes since there are bound to be a lot of people who agree with what you have to say. The hashtags could also get you more followers.