How to increase your likes even on a busy schedule

News 04:05 May 2024:

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There is so much involved by getting a large number of likes.  This is sometimes hard to understand for people of a certain age.  But you will agree with me that social media platform is a social place and the number of likes is important for users.  There are two group people on these platforms, the first groups are the social media diehards; they are always on the social media platform 24/7 and comment on every item that is posted.  Such a group is always the first to feel the pinch when they receive no likes at all.  And if they can they will subscribe to automatic likes at whatever cost.

The other groups are those who have accounts but rarely are on the media platform.  This is either because they are busy or because of the nature of their work.  Even though they can be considered as ‘silent users’ but they too would love to increase their likes from whatever way they can.  Even though they are rarely on these platforms but every time they post or comment on a blog, it is their desire to receive likes or followers.  But because this is not possible, they can choose the easiest way ‘automatic likes’.