How To Get More Followers Through Twitter Likes

News 09:02 February 2024:

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Placing twitter likes on another user’s account can be a good way to get his or her attention. When you do this, the other user will get a notification and if he or she sees that you’ve placed several likes, they will usually feel compel to check our your profile.

Some people are too shy to ask directly or start a conversation. Twitter likes is a great way to break the ice. Not only that, if you feel the other user is somewhat popular, you may feel awkward asking him or her to follow you. By liking and retweeting their tweets, you can show how much you like them.

But be careful not to spam their twitter by liking every single tweet in one go. This spammy action can get you blocked by the other user that you’re trying to get attention from. It’s a good idea to like their tweets two – three times a day, or at least once a day. When they see your name regularly on their notification, they might just add you to follow as well.